Monday, May 17, 2010


Beautiful Brown Eyes

He has my eyes and like his mommy is usually reluctant to have his picture taken. Isn't he gorgeous? Okay so I'm biased. This right here is one of my 3 reasons for breathing. You'll meet the others as soon as one gets a haircut and the other stays still long enough to be caught on camera.


  1. Oh my word! No, you're not biased. He is GORGEOUS!!! His eyes are perfectly beautiful! I cannot say enough gushy words about how cute he is. I better save them, though, for the other two reasons you breathe hahahaha. He is really lovely.

  2. He is so beautiful and the picture has so much soul in it~

  3. My kids think he looks like a fairer version of Marleigh when he was had to agree he looks a little alike..beautiful pic though...

  4. I hope this is framed (big!), and has pride of place on your wall in your home.

    Beautiful work. I am so glad our paths crossed at Zach's I said when we arrived at 4:30 (for a 5p.m. finish!)"better late than never"!

  5. Giselle, he is certainly gorgeous, and he does look like you.
    I love the way the took the picture, with him looking up.
    MMMMMMMMM!!!!!!!!!!! did you tell Tessa about this project. let her know, she will love to see them.