What is project 1000 faces?

Simple.  Pictures of 1000 faces from any and all walks of life. That’s it. 

What a fabulous idea, you are brilliant!
Why yes I am. Thank you!  

Sorry to disappoint but this fabulous idea is not mine. I first saw it on my friend Gary's site. http://thousandfaces.tumblr.com/

Gary in turn got the idea from Karen over at  chookooloonks.com

Me! Me! Me! Pick me! How do I get picked?

Wait a second! I would love to pick you  Maybe I'll run into you as I am out and about in the street somewhere, at a friend's party, in the mall, at the zoo as we both go about our daily activities. If some strange lady approaches you and asks to take your picture that would be me. Hopefully you will smile and say yes to a photo. Some people say no, that's okay. I enjoy meeting you anyway even if you don't want your picture taken. 

Keep in mind a few things. I usually take a lot of clicks before I am satisfied. Be forewarned - I find scars, crow’s feet, lazy eyes, wrinkles, beauty-marks and freckles all very sexy:-). I am not adverse to editing out the odd pimple but that’s all. Anything more, I have a friend who has a friend who knows a really good plastic surgeon if you want a hook up.

Understand that this is not fashion photography! You will not look like some unreal airbrushed magazine model. You will look like your own real and very gorgeous self. Hopefully I can capture a lot of your character and if I am really on my game a wee bit of your spirit. (A-k-a your inner Zen beauty radiating out)

I reserve the right to edit at my discretion. I have a background in art and used to paint portraits so occasionally I may choose to render a highly edited artistic version of a photograph. Mainly I am just aiming to improve my photography.

Do I have a say in how photos are edited or which picture is included in the project?

No. This process is MY exploration of a photography process and I am looking to record the various ways I (not you) look at people through my camera, i.e my observations not yours, sorry.

Why the heck should I participate and what the heck do I get out of it?
I’m glad you asked. You’ll be helping me out. Consider it a (R)andom (A)ct of (K)indness on your part. I read somewhere that RAK’s relieve stress which in turn helps you to live a longer more youthful life. Wow! A free photo session hopefully resulting in a lovely portrait of yourself and long life to boot! You can’t beat a deal like that, can you? Okay, SERIOUSLY don’t answer that. The short answer is that should you want it you get the digital file of your photo emailed to you. 

What do you bring?

Cheesecake is always an icebreaker. I’m partial to a cold beer. Also, I’m something of a techie so I could use a new laptop, geeky stuff for my pc or anything that further fuels my photography addiction ….Oh my bad, you mean to the photo session? Well silly,  bring your gorgeous face of course and a boatload of patience. I can’t stress the patience part enough. I really am very inexperienced and not all that good at this.......yet.

Have a suggestion, a comment, just wanna say hi?

Email me at gisellederoche(at)yahoo(dot)com or leave a comment for me on the blog with your email address as I have typed mine here. Comments here get viewed faster for the simple reason that I am here more often than I check my email.