Saturday, June 5, 2010


smoth and lomosih

I met Raymond in the basement. Yeah I know how that sounds but he approached me right after another security officer stopped me from taking pictures of some packing crates. Rules are rules so I moved to the entrance MUCH further away from the dino pit exhibit. The same guard again. No pictures allowed lady! Really! NO pictures allowed of what? The basement plumbing? I reassured him that I wasn't taking pictures of the exhibit. Guardian of the underground parking lot took off to bother someone else and Raymond comes up to me in his fatigues. He seemed interested in what I was doing. I explained about my project and he told me that I should ignore that other fella. Later I caught up with him as he was having a smoke. He was having a lively conversation with two female Jamaican security officers. Topic up for debate - who has the nicer accent Trinidadians or Jamaicans? The ladies declined my request for a photo and I declined to weigh in on that argument:-)

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