Sunday, July 25, 2010



When I saw her eyes I immediately thought of that famous 1984 National Geographic photo of an Afghan girl with green eyes. Melanie was one of the performers who entertained us at the Fundraiser tea party for Suzette (#38 ). She is a belly dancer and was super calm and composed while waiting to be called up on stage. Melanie was very accommodating but unfortunately the light, or rather the lack of it was not. As a result the shot I was going for could not be realized. Sorry Melanie.I know you are all wondering. I just had to ask. No they are not contact lenses.


  1. I knew these were her real eyes, so I had no questions about that. I just want to see her belly dance LOL! Her eyes look AMAZING. The light looks just fine to me! Wow. Thank you for linking to that interesting article about revisiting the Afghan girl.

  2. What amazing eyes but then she probably gets told that every day!!!

  3. Her eyes are smiling and that is all that matters. Eyes are truly the windows to the soul. :-)