Friday, July 23, 2010

Getting Started - Why you need to subscribe with Rss

How do I follow this project?
Easy. Subscribe with RSS.

What is RSS?
The meaning of the acronym is unimportant. You can google it if you really wish to know. Essentially it is a tool which saves you time and ensures that you never miss an update to One Thousand Faces.

What are the advantages?
First off, you need to you know that it is free to subscribe or ‘follow’ a blog.  People see the word subscribe and think that you have to pay a fee. Nope, you pay nada, zero zilch.

I see the content for free anyway with out subscribing to the RSS feed, so why bother? Is it trick to collect my personal information?
Absolutely no personal information is collected when you subscribe.

Then what’s the point?
It tells you when I have updated the site and added something new. So instead of having to check here every day to see if a new photo has been added (yawn), you will be alerted ONLY when I post something new.

If you don't follow many blogs you can choose to be alerted by email. A reader is the better choice if you follow a large number of blogs.

What's a reader?
A reader is a little bit like having a dog go fetch your newspaper. Except that instead of going out to your yard Fido) runs around the world and in about 30 seconds flat and fetches you news and blog updates from all the sites you follow all around the world.

Fido can’t do his job if you don’t red flag sites for him to collect for you. So Rss is like leaving a flag on something so that Fido knows what stuff you want him to collect. A reader is nice tidy box where Fido deposits all the info he’s collected into neatly organized pile. Good dog Fido.

Say what?
A reader is your inbox for blog and news feeds. RSS is your red flag that you stick an any blog or news feed that you wish Fido to automatically collect for you. So instead of having to visit 14 different sites to get your news, sports, favorite photos, or latest gossip, you just go to one screen and see it combined ("aggregated") into a single window.

But I don’t follow any other blogs or news feeds.
Don’t worry you will soon. It’s addictive. I promise you whatever your interest, there is a useful blog out there that caters to your passion, Food, fashion, photography, cars, tech…whatever.

Cool. I want a reader.
Great, let’s get started. First choose a feed reader. Most RSS readers are free to use, and easy to learn. Click here for a list of  RSS readers. I am currently giving Firefox's Feedly a test drive and I love it so far. Choose any one reader and install it. If you have gmail or or a google account then you already have a reader.

I do?
Sure you do. This is where you can find it. From Gmail it looks like this:

You can also find the reader tab here.

Once you have a google account go to the blog home page and click on the orange Rss button.

You will see the following image.

Click to choose the type of reader that you use.

This is what the google reader looks like - minus the red scribbles of course.

There you have it!
You're done.
It's nice to have you on board:-)

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