Thursday, July 29, 2010


48 - b

This is my favourite of Adrianna because of the intense look in here eyes. What do you think? 48a or 48b? I have added a new feature where you can easily rate the pictures. Wait. It takes a few minutes to appear right below the comments. Do you see it? Help me make up my mind by clicking the starred rating button. Tell me which one should stay and which should go. HELP me out. It's just one click. Easy. In fact go ahead and rate them all as I'm also putting together a best of 1000 faces. I know which ones I'm head over heels in love with and I'd be thrilled to see your picks for best of the lot.


  1. I prefer this one over the other one because her eyes look scary staring at me, but in this photo, she looks more pensive and alluring.

  2. this one - somehow the blue is distracting - and I agree that the looking away is more mysterious