Monday, August 2, 2010



Ingrid is on my husband's route and he always fills up at the gas station where she works. He wanted me to take this picture because she always takes the time to chat with the children in the back seat of the car while she pumps gas. She sure was surprised that day when I jumped out and asked to take her picture. I think I'm getting braver about approaching people.

I am really amazed that this quick shot came out so well. This picture has not been edited. It is straight out of the camera. I can't begin to describe how incredibly grateful I am to everyone who has contributed thus far to my project and hopefully to my progress.


  1. I like this - she has such a neat face - great features and skin :-) great for a quick shot!

  2. I like her face and skin color, too. Her expression totally parallels well with your commentary haha.