Monday, November 1, 2010



Some months ago I was supposed to photograph a wonderful jewellery designer called Denise. Unfortunately both Denise and I were unhappy with the way her pictures came out. Instead this is Denise's friend who was there with her the day I went to take her picture.

Nickolai is a singer and guitarist for the band Gyazette. He is totally hot with a megawatt smile. LOL. I know that I have embarrassed him by saying that but there is something completely dreamy about a guy who plays the guitar and can sing. Sigh. Husband, I know you read this so take note; just buy the guitar we’ll talk later wink wink;-)

Nickolai is used to being on stage and it may be the reason he was so comfortable in front of the camera. I love that he was totally open to my crazy creative suggestions. Click here to find out more about Nickolai and you will see that he is an artist as well as a musician.

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  1. his presence is certainly electric... would have loved to see Denise... wifey has a pair of her earings ;)