Tuesday, November 9, 2010



After living abroad for a number of years Janet decided it was time to return home to Trinidad. Inspired by London's famous Borough Market and others like it in the US she established Upmarket.

What is Upmarket? It is a fabulous space where entrepreneurs, artisans, people who grow, rear or prepare the food that they sell, gather together. There are also importers of shoes, clothing and handbags with truly unique items on offer.

Upmarket is special  not because of the variety of products for sale but the opportunity you have to speak directly with vendors about their products. The market is made up of a community of remarkable individuals, all of whom are passionate about their goods.

Let me introduce you to just a few of the people that I met and if you want to go check them out yourselves you are in luck because the next Upmarket is this Saturday. Click here for the details and tell them I sent you - you might even get a discount. LOL! Okay so most likely NOT but you can still tell them I sent you.

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