Wednesday, December 1, 2010



Kimberly works with the Dreamy Creamy Ice-cream company. Unfortunately my allergies prevented me from scarfing down the many samples on offer:-( Still I did steal a tiny spoonful and it was so worth the box of tissues and a red nose. Just one complaint. This company is located in San Fernando. Maybe I can start a petition for them to open a branch in the North.


  1. Yes we're located in San Fernando, but we have a few distributors in town. You can find us in Westmoorings, Diego Martin and Fairways. Call Lindsay at 730-2271
    So glad you liked the ice cream!
    Have a Dreamy Creamy Day!

  2. I've tried Dreamy Creamy I.C.C and it's THA BOMB.......... great choices and even if the line is long ( which only means good things ), You are in and out in NO-Time!!!