Sunday, January 9, 2011



9 year old Leigh-Anna is Tessa's (#113) daughter. She looks a lot like her dad but that nose is unmistakably her mom's. She is very artistic and wow can she hold a pose so it is a bit ironic that the picture I chose  is one of her in an unguarded moment. She wants to model and already has done a professional photo shoot for a clothing company. She had with her a doodle pad. On one page there was the writing prompt I wish... Can you guess Leigh-Anna's wish?  She wrote, I wish I lived in Trinidad.  Awwwwww, so do I hon:-)


  1. Mmmmmm!!! This beautiful young lady already is a up and coming model, and with no training she does it so well. A Lovely picture, and she sure knows how to pose.!!!!!!!!!

  2. enchanting features