Saturday, November 3, 2012


The very day I arrived in Canouan, I noticed this guy spearfishing near the rocks at the bottom of my Uncle's house. Later on the beach he approached me.

"Hey Mariella!" 

Mariella is my Aunt. I shook my head and told him sorry,wrong person. 

"Ann?" he asked. 

Ann is another of my aunts. I shook my head, no.

However my features identify me as de Roché, so he pressed on, calling the name of yet another of my aunts.  


Laughing, I told him that those were all my father's sisters. 

Quite unsurprisingly he tells me that he was Laurel's son and we determine that his grandmother and my grandmother were sisters. When your dad is from a tiny island, population 500 (in those days)  you literally run into family everywhere you go. Just in case you are wondering, the population is now 1,200

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