Tuesday, June 22, 2010

21 (a)

21 (a)

Some of you know her as my daughter on my other blog but she's really my niece. She and I, we are tight. As a little girl she was entirely besotted with her fabulous Aunty. Now that she’s a teenager our relationship is a bit more tenuous. It seems that I can now go from from hero to zero in the space of about two minutes.

Also I must tell you that teenagers make you feel very old. Just when you've convinced yourself that you don't have crow's feet but laugh lines and freckles not age spots, a teenager will come along and set you right. You can lie to yourself but your teenager won't lie to you.

One day I helped Leigha conquer a difficult castle level of Super Mario on her Nintendo DSi. Yeah I totally whooped boss monster’s butt and was bathing in the adulation of my kids.

Leigha: Wow! Aunty that was awesome. How did you do that?
Me (all snarky cause earlier she hadn't wanted to let me play): Girl, I was playing Mario way before you were born. I conquered that game so long ago, except that that back then we hooked the Nintendo up to our TV.
Leigha: OMG, You mean there was like, TV, when you were a child!

WTH? How old does she think I am for her to think that there was no television when I was younger?!!!


  1. this one is a gorgeous beauty shot - but also shows some of what she'll be like as an adult

  2. Look at my beautiful niece..I see what you mean about the changing eyes..my eyes do the same thing..shes just beautiful..and I love the name..seeing she has a similar name to her cousin..Terri-ceres..lol

  3. OMG! I have tears in my eyes - that was sooooo funny! But yes, teenaged Lee makes me feel real old at times.