Tuesday, June 22, 2010



Leigha’s eyes are hazel and very cool for pictures because they change colour. Here I'll show you. In the picture below she is standing next to some orange-yellow croton plants which make her eyes look amber. And here she is again. This time her eyes pick up the grey-blue of her sweatshirt and end up looking green. And in case you were wondering - no she isn't wearing lip gloss. Those are her natural unedited lips. Eat your heart out Revelon!

Right so this post contains two pictures. Yes this project is 1000 faces but I never said that it was  going to be 1000 photos. That’s because sometimes I like more than one shot of a particular person and I just can’t make up my mind which picture to post. Rather than lose sleep over it I’ve decided to post both pictures. Please note that if I post 1, or 2, or 5 pictures of the same person it still only counts as one face for the purpose of my project here. Of course you can always help me out by leaving a comment about which picture you think should stay and which should be deleted. I would be happy to comply in the face of overwhelmingly popular opinion. Forgive the tacky pun.


  1. Wow. She's so fortunate to have such lovely eyes. I like both photos.

  2. the expression on this one has a lot of personality :-)

  3. Thanks Memória:-)
    Chennette, I agree and this is the shot I prefer with the quirky lopsided glasses. She prefers the other shot. I guess cause she looks more grown up in the other.

  4. I say leave them both - they are gorgeous (of course I am totally biased!)

  5. She such a angelic and beautiful face, and wow those eyes are really very pretty.
    Is she Donna's daughter?
    Her picture must stay, both of them, They are all Beautiful and gorgeous pictures Giselle, you must go into photography, you are gifted. I know Liz, she is a school friend of Lisa Joe's daughter. lol