Tuesday, June 29, 2010



Melissa is a colleague with whom I have no real interaction on a day to day basis. She is cool and somewhat aloof in her manner. I usually only see her at the end of the work day when it's time to leave. By then, I'm very often a shattered stressed out mess. Melissa on the other hand always looks untouched by the madness. I envy people like that who can exude a sense of being outside of the general mayhem. I honestly did not expect her to agree to being photographed but if it's one thing that I am enjoying about this project is that people surprise you. I thought I would be devastated by people rejecting me when I approached them; instead people have been overwhelmingly positive and supportive.


  1. i like the smile in her eyes :-)

  2. She has such a friendly, approachable, lovely face.