Saturday, June 26, 2010



Usually when I have to ask a stranger to take their picture it takes a few minutes of intense internal conversation for me to work up the gumption to approach them. Jenelle came into my work place to shelter from the heavy mid-afternoon topical downpour that is typical of our rainy season. I literally stopped in my tracks and without skipping a beat asked to take her picture. I was interested in the number of gold earrings she wore - at least 15 in each ear. Additionally there were face piercings and when she smiled she revealed two gold-capped teeth. Jenelle's jewelery dazzles and I was caught in it's headlights. I'm afraid I never really saw Jenelle herself until I looked through my lens. There I saw a face that needed no further embellishment. She is as striking as the jewelery that adorns her.


  1. Wow. I completely understand why you felt compelled to take her photo! Upon first glance in my google reader, I stopped in my tracks. She is stunning and has such unique facial features. I don't usually like piercings beyond one hole on each ear, but she makes piercings look good. Wow. Lovely shot.

  2. I think your framing makes this photo - really emphasises her eyes and the lovely shape of her facial features

  3. I agree Chennette, Uncropped there was just too much going on.