Friday, August 13, 2010



Last month my super fabulous Aunt and her daughter were in transit for one day on their way back from my cousin's  wedding in Canouan. This tiny Caribbean island is only 3 and  1/2   x  1 and  1/4 miles. Current population is about 1,100. When I was a child this is where I spent almost every  July/ August vacation. Paradise.

Mariella is my dad's (# 1 ) youngest sister.  She is  an accountant. She left Canouan to work and study in New York but now owns and runs a health care business in Corpus Christi, Texas that was started by her sister Ann.  These days she has traded her jet setting NY lifestyle for a quiet life of domestic bliss in Corpse Town (her words not mine:-) punctuated by travels abroad when she gets bored - which is often.

Mariella is a self assured, somewhat flamboyant and plenty outrageous which makes her a whole heap of fun to be around. I have the best time when hanging with her even if we do nothing more than lie in bed and talk. We always end up laughing like crazy when we are together.

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