Saturday, August 14, 2010



Denise's youngest (Tariq #61) is 18 years old, yet when we turn up unexpectedly at her home, would you believe she has extra pajamas for our two-year old. She also feeds us dinner even though it's the first day of Ramadan and she and her family are fasting.What does that tell you about Denise? I'll give you a clue. This picture is Denise just in from a hard day at at the office.

Did you guess that Denise is Super Woman?

I wish she would tell me her secret because I most definitely do not look like this at the end of a work day. For those of you who are curious feel free to google Hagrid for my after work look. Denise does it all and she does it with style and grace.

Oh yeah, I forgot to say that this is my husband's cousin and just so we are clear, she makes the world's best curried duck. EVER!

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  1. Her hair is stunning! I love this overhead shot. What a beautiful lady.