Tuesday, November 30, 2010



Isabella and I had a nice chat while she ate her ice-cream cone. She used to have a dog named Zero but had to get rid of him because he was too much trouble so now she has a cat named Rocket. Quite understandably she was a lot more interested in her ice-cream than she was in having her picture taken. Yet, she was such a good sport about it, even though she really hates taking pictures because her mom takes pictures of her all the time, and it bugs her, cause it's usually when she is in the middle of something fun.

My own son runs in the other direction whenever the camera comes out which made me think, how many photos do you have of yourself at this age? There are maybe ten of me at this age while I probably have 100 of my son in his first week of life alone. Kids today must be under a lot of stress in this digital age of parent paparazzi. So yes I did notice that the focus in this picture was off but I decided to cut her a break and leave her to her ice-cream.

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