Wednesday, December 1, 2010



Looking at her you would not know that Gina is not Trinidadian. Gina's look fits in so well with the many racially blended people that you find all over this small island. Consequently I was very surprised to learn that she was born in Singapore. With a twinkle in her eyes Gina laughed and asked if I was expecting a short oriental lady. uhhhh.... yes :-)

How did Gina end up in Trinidad? Well while attending University in London she was swept off her feet by her Trini husband who was in turn probably swept off his feet by her glamorous good looks.

Gina is a certified accountant but food has always been her passion so now she runs her own business and makes the most incredibly, decadent and delicious truffles. To find out more about Gina's truffles click here.

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