Friday, December 31, 2010



Kyria is CIA! She is Trinidadian but works in the British Virgin Islands as a Certified Internal Auditor. Earlier this year she also obtained certification as a fraud investigator. She is trained to examine data and can detect and trace fraudulent transactions. She also interviews suspects to obtain information and confessions. She is well versed in the law as it relates to fraud investigations and has even been called on to testify at trial. 

Impressive qualifications. Now lets talk about those eyelashes.  I never realized that Kyria had such amazing eyelashes. Damn do you know how many models buy theirs and stick them on. Those are not falsies but the real deal. I wonder if she bats those beauties at people before sending them to jail?

On yet another random note I found out that Kyria's mom is  Hindu and her Dad is Muslim. Kyria is Roman Catholic. Religion can be a touchy matter for many but embracing all religions is just so typically Trinidadian that  I just had to make mention of it. Conversion from one faith to another can be hurtful as a change of religion may be viewed by the rest of the family as a rejection of sorts. In this scenario no one feels slighted. Even better the family now celebrates three sets of religious holidays cause that's how we roll in Trinidad, best of all worlds.


  1. Thanks for the write up Gis!

    Whilst this wasn't my favourite of the pics you took of me and I thought that this pic had a obituary feel to it when I first saw it, I must admit that it is beginning to grow on me now... Still not my favourite (would've preferred a happier pic of myself) but definitely different and nice!

  2. I love the eyelashes. I think I can see the hint of a smile below the surface so it's not a cold expression.