Saturday, January 1, 2011



She could get to be a hundred years old with a walker but she'll always be my little sister and the baby of the family.  Donna-Maria is the youngest of my siblings. She lives and works in the British Virgin Islands and is mom to Leigha-Ceres(#21). If you are a millionaire with money to invest then boy has she got the hedge fund for you! She is Vice President of Fund Accounting/Administration.
Donna usually comes home for Christmas and as much as I might whine and complain about all the preparation that usually accompanies the season her arrival always chases away my bah humbugs.


  1. I really like this pic... the blur of the lights on the Christmas tree and the sharpness of Donna's face looks great! I do like how bright the red of the santa hat looks as well.

    Of course, you had a good muse too :)

  2. Stunning!!! Wow, this model is strikingly beautiful! I can't say enough about how gorgeous she is. To the photographer I say, Keep at it :)